JCT Day 10 Attempt number 1 Noiraigue to La Baronne and down to Boudry

20 km 800m up/1000m down 6 hours
Total 204 km

It was an interesting day! After a good night of rest in Travers and a good breakfast, I headed back to the trail in Noiraigue. First time that I did not saw the end of this stage indicated on the hiking indicator. Maybe because this was to be the longest day of the whole trail! Something like 10 hours was announced on the stage notes. So I better start hiking. And it was already chilly. The first part of the day was going straight up to our Swiss Grand Canyon called Creux du Van. Instead of a breathtaking view I was greeted by a dense and freezing fog. I put all my layers and tried to find the path before getting lost. No cell signal or GPS signal were available.

I searched the path before getting eventually lost so I decided to get the safe way down. Looking back it was definitely the best decision.

On the way down I made myself some tea in order to heat up again.

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