JCT Day 6 Weissenstein to Frinvillier

24 km 720m up/1450m down 6.5 hours
Total 127 km
15th November 2018

The morning was cold and although the nice sunrise I was not really willing to get out of my comfy sleeping bag. After a fast breakfast I met my sister at the cable station, she walked the two next stages with me through the Chasseral. It was a nice hike and we stayed above the fog for the biggest part of it. We made a small stop at the Hasenmatt so I could sew parts of my sandal together again. We did our next break near Untergrenchenberg. It was quite busy as everyone living under the clouds was here to get as much sun as possible.

We reached the language barrier. Behind us was the German speaking part and in front of us the French speaking part.

We then slowly hiking down under the fog, made a pit stop in Plagne and hiked down to Frinvillier. We lost the trail through a poorly marked pasture but finally found it again after searching a bit.

Se stayed in a nice hostel in Biel/Bienne where they brew their own beer and also have a nice restaurant with tasty plates.

I ended my day with friends at a beer pub called POOC. This beer was a well deserved one!

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