JCT Day 1 : Dielsdorf to Brugg

25 km 880m up/950m down 7 hours
Total 25 km
10th November 2018

Finally it is time to put that big pack on my pack and start walking. An advantage to hike during fall is that the tree have very nice colors. The hike itself is steep at the beginning but then is smooth until Baden. There you will have steps and a lot of them! At least the trail use a lift to spare you a few of them. The hike from Baden to Brugg is also smooth and nice. As in the morning the first part is steep but rewarding. You walk through the old town of Regensberg before reaching the radar station of Hpchwacht that is used for the international airport of Zürich. After the summit of the Lägeren the path goes smoothly down to Baden. a good amount of step later (on which I scratched my jacket) you will walk over the Limmat river and then walking through the lower and old part of the city Baden. Then the trail officially use an outdoor elevator (!) to get you to the upper city.  After another set of stairs you will arrive at the remains of a castle before hiking further out of Baden through residentials streets. Later at Baldegg you can climb a water tower (didn’t even know we have one of these in our country) to get a nice 360 degrees view of the region. The path then gets down to the Reuss river near Windisch and then you will walk along the Aare river until you reach Brugg.

End of the first day was in Baden. We had to sleep at the hostel in Brugg because the one in Baden was already closed for the winter.
As I already know, it is difficult to get in the nature without seeing any trace of human construction. That’s because our country is so small and quite well populated in this northern part of the country.
Anyway it was a nice first stage and a good training for the days that were following.

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